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Gan Yiftah


Yiftah fell on Wednesday, 1 Av, July 26, 2006 in the battle of Maroun-A-Ras, South Lebanon.  Only 22 years old, he left behind parents and three siblings – Yariv, Yonat and this twin brother, Yarden.  Yiftah was born and raised in Haifa and was an active member of the local Boy Scouts.  During a visit to Auschwitz, standing where his grandparents had survived the Holocaust, Yiftah decided he would volunteer to IDF's paratroopers battalion.
Yiftah underwent tough basic training followed by a squad commanders' course and an officers' course which he completed with distinction.  Yiftah asked for and received command of the Yeshiva students he so loved and who so loved him.  Before going into battle, Yiftah gathered his men and said, "If we have to die for our country I would be proud to die by your side, fellow fighters.  No matter what, I will watch over you.  And know that I will die before you".  We have lost a son, a brother and a dear friend.  Israel has lost an educator and a model citizen.  The army has lost a fighter and a commander.

The playground is located close to the Shraier residence in Haifa.  It is the place where Yiftah spent most of his childhood.  Located on the western slope of Mount Carmel, the playground offers a view of the Mediterranean and overlooks Yiftah's final resting place.
The playground is presently not fit for use.  Our initiative is to remodel the playground and its facilities.  The landscape has been designed by the renowned architect, Amir Blum, of Miller Blum and Associates Environmental Planning, Inc.  The city of Haifa will be responsible for the playground's maintenance.  It will be named – Gan Yiftah.


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